Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

Name: Guinness  


Status: Available

Gender: Male

Positive for heartworms?: No

Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: No

GRR number: 12-006

Type of Surrender: Owner surrender

Status: Available

Age: ~ 3 years

Weight: 54.6 lbs - Ideal weight


Guinness is a handsome, sweet, and calm gentleman, that loves nothing more than spending time with his people and getting groomed. The only exception to that, are car rides and Guinness has excellent car manners. Those manners extend into the home as well, as he has proven reliable, time and time again. That includes, not disturbing the garbage can or anything on the counters. He is even a gentleman with his toys, as he prefers they stay intact during their play time.

Guinness is also incredibly gentle. He communicates with his fosters by gently placing their hand in his mouth while leading them to the back door to go outside. Although this is thoughtful, his foster family is teaching him new ways to communicate.

Guinness plays well with older kids and enjoys the company of other dogs. Unfortunately, cats and squirrels are not Guinness’s favorites and he will jump fences to chase them from the property. Outdoor supervision is required, just in case the yard is invaded by furry rodents or fluffy cats.

Outdoor activities are a necessity for this handsome guy, as Guinness has an inner athlete. In anticipation of his walk, he will gently carry his leash in his mouth, but on the walk he pulls the lead with excitement! As smart as he is, he’ll pick up the proper leash training in no time. He’s already learned from his foster home, how to sit and shake and is working on waiting patiently by the door until released.

Being outdoors is extremely exciting for Guinness. He becomes so focused, that he does not hear his name being called or hear the commands to come inside. He may need some training to maintain his focus while outdoors. During indoor activities, Guinness becomes a natural pro. He responds to commands, does not jump on people, and is attentive to his fosters. He also sleeps on the side of their bed at night to ensure their safety.

Guinness is an overall gentleman with an athlete spirit. If you’re looking for the perfect blend of athletic and sweet, look no further than the Guinness!

Ideal home:

Guinness is a very sweet and calm guy, but he loves to run! He would love a running partner that is home most of the day, as he does not like the crate. His foster family is working with him and he is quick to vocalize his displeasure. He howls when they leave and when in the crate, but only for a short time. He is well behaved in the home and will do well with children. Cats are not suitable playmates for this fellow.

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