By joining GRR you are helping to cover costs of our rescue, that are not included in the adoption fee.  Basic membership starts at $40.00 per year and allows you to attend and vote at our general meetings.  Also included is electronic delivery of our newsletter for a year, invitations to dog and human social events and our annual Picnic in the Park.

  • Your basic membership of $40 pays for us to microchip one dog.  

  • Your membership of $100 covers shots for Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella, Heartworm test and fecal exam.

  • Your membership of $200 pays for one Complete Male workup (shots above plus castration). 

  • Your membership of $230 pays for one Complete Female Workup (shots above plus ovariohysterectomy). 

  • Your membership of $650+ pays for one heartworm treatment (for dogs needing x-rays and bloodwork add $325).   

Thank you for your membership, any amount is gratiously appreciated!  Become or renew a member by selecting the Donate button below


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